Tuesday, December 05, 2006

10 things i love about the holidays

this is another meme - Ten on Tuesday

10 things i love about the holidays

1. reading christmas picture books - here's a link to my listmania of favorites on amazon

2. leftovers

3. shopping for goodies and presents

4. getting presents, and getting to play with jack's presents [toys! yay!]

5. holiday potlucks at farmer's market

6. i get to see lots of friendly faces at market - all my regular customers from over the years, coming to buy holiday gifts

7. christmas music

8. christmas cookies and knudson's sparkling cranberry juice

9. fires in the fireplace and decorations - the tree, the ornaments, yum

10. looking forward to 3 months off from market [although i'll miss it], and usually a new video game to kick off my production season


Sylvia Day said...

My son's name is Jack, too. :)

Happy Tuesday!

Sanni said...

Cranberry juice??? Sounds yummy... too bad it is not sold here.

Happy Tuesday from Germany,