Wednesday, December 13, 2006

what about fries?

when we tell Jack he can't do/have something, and he cries, he murmurs unintelligible words while he's crying. i always listen carefully because i'm dying to know what he's saying. sometimes i catch the name of other members of our extended family, like"wah, wah, wah, uncle tom, wah, wah, casey, wah, wah, wah, opa, wah" which i take to mean "uncle tom would let me eat the whole one pound bag of licorice, you are so mean mommy" or "opa would let me pull the cat's tail, i wish i were with him....". today while he was crying about not being able to scribble on some of my papers with a pen, i distinctly heard the phrase "hamburgers and ketchup." is he going to be permanently traumatized because his mother laughs at him when he's crying?

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