Saturday, November 11, 2006

oh, the weekend of no etsy

are the rest of you etsy-ers jonesing for your fix, or feeling happy to be doing something else? i guess i'm jonesing, although i "work" on saturday and sunday, so the weekend is a good time for me not to have etsy.

today at market was surprisingly un-miserable. thank you, weather. thank you, lovely customers. thank you, Debbie, for bringing your heaters and getting us more cookies.

if anyone is wondering why most of the picture links won't load, it's because they are etsy links. :-)

now if i can just get the baby to go to sleep.

Friday, November 10, 2006

my patchwork table linens on flickr

i just posted a new set of fabulous pictures of my placemats, tablerunners, and napkins, set up all pretty, on flickr.

check em out. how can you resist them now?

i would like to say that taking, photoshopping, and choosing the photographs was quite grueling. it took me many many hours. so i hope ya'll are looking at 'em.

hi etsy friends!

here's my listing of the day

etsy will be going down at midnight for the whole weekend to launch V2, and i think that means my pictures will be down, too, as they are links to etsy. hopefully it'll be back up before we know it.

tomorrow is going to be freezing, windy and rainy. another stellar market day. :-( i'm not looking forward to it.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

etsy listing 4

here's today's etsy listing. hope you all like it, and hope one of you wants it. :-)

Forget worrying about shot breaking your teeth and start wondering about which flavor shot to use!

saw this on boingboing today:


it's actually kinda brilliant, i guess.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

cool etsy listing

Here's today's etsy listing.

I went to market today. It was supposed to be a bit warmer, but it was damp and sunk into your bones. We had a slow day, but ended up huddling around Debbie's heater and eating a huge bag of brownies and cookies and assorted pastries that she had traded a couple of pendants for.

All day i kept longing for tonight, home and cozy with a fridge full of food and top chef coming on later. Not like i'll ever manage to stay up to watch it. But still, i can dream.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

victorian kitten pendant listed on etsy

here's today's listing, it would make an excellent christmas present for a cat lover:

Monday, November 06, 2006

my first post

i'm starting this blog to showcase my work. i've been trying to start for a while and couldn't decide how to break the ice, but here it is...

my most recent etsy listing.

it's rather christmas-y.

go ahead, click on it.