Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #1

here's my first ever Thursday Thirteen

13 Things that I think are delicious on top of vanilla ice cream,
in honor of what we had for dessert last night.
(i had #1, #3, #8, and #9.)

1. hershey's chocolate syrup
2. peanuts
3. since i can't have peanuts because baby is allergic, almonds
3. caramel sauce
4. plain m & m's
5. dried cherries
6. fresh strawberries
7. fresh raspberries
8. mini marshmallows
9. since we always have these in the house cause baby loves them, dried cranberries
10. oh gosh, hmm, oh! a maraschino cherry!
11. whipped cream
12. hmm, umm, umm, umm, mmm, i would like butterscotch syrup, yep, and
13. blackberries! fresh blackberries! yay, i got 13!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

what about fries?

when we tell Jack he can't do/have something, and he cries, he murmurs unintelligible words while he's crying. i always listen carefully because i'm dying to know what he's saying. sometimes i catch the name of other members of our extended family, like"wah, wah, wah, uncle tom, wah, wah, casey, wah, wah, wah, opa, wah" which i take to mean "uncle tom would let me eat the whole one pound bag of licorice, you are so mean mommy" or "opa would let me pull the cat's tail, i wish i were with him....". today while he was crying about not being able to scribble on some of my papers with a pen, i distinctly heard the phrase "hamburgers and ketchup." is he going to be permanently traumatized because his mother laughs at him when he's crying?