Wednesday, January 03, 2007

13 books i have read more than once [or read and listened to on cd] - Thursday Thirteen #3

here's my third ever Thursday Thirteen

13 books i have read more than once [or read and listened to on cd]

1. harry potter [all of 'em]
2. ursula le guin's earthsea trilogy
3. magyk
4. the hobbit and lord of the rings
5. the color of magic
6. the temple of my familiar
7. stranger in a strange land
8. robert jordan's the wheel of time [most of 'em]
9. sabriel, lireal, and abhorsen
10. wicked
11. prodigal summer
12. abarat
13. the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy


Rashenbo said...

Good list... Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings for sure. I gave up on WoT ages ago... whenever he finishes... like book 22 or whatever it will be, then I'll read it again :) Welcome to the TT by the way :D

Janet said...

I'll listen to the Harry Potter books just for the english accent! It's soothing and calming to me when I'm driving :-)

I've also listened to LOTR & The Hobbit, but for some reason, I prefer to read those.

And Stranger in a Strange Land is one of my favorite books!

Angel2004 said...

hey great list. happy tt.

sobeit said...

Mark Twain said that every good book should be read twice! However, I barely get to read them once!!! Happy TT!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You have my undying admiration for loving The Earthsea Trilogy. I could NOT get into it AT ALL. And I had to, for a class! Ugh!

Happy TT!

kooky kay said...

I'm a potterhead as well! Whee!

Mama Duck said...

I've read several of those as well, nice choices!! Thanks for visiting duckland ;).

Raggedy said...

Good list.
I have read some on your list but only once.
My TT is up
Happy Thursday!

scribbit said...

Ditto for me on Lord of the RIngs and Harry Potter. I'm thinking of re-reading Book 6 before book 7 comes out this year.

Missy said...

Great idea for a list! I'm with ya on Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings trilogy but I have been unable to get into Leguin. Her writing style doesn't grab me quick enough.

Incog & Nito said...

Must admit haven't read many of these - and I can never read a book twice - somehow knowing the ending spoils it for me.

Sanni said...

Great one =)

Happy TT from one Harry Potter Fan to another!

And Happy New Year from Germany,


P.S.: Please visit my TT - Thanks a lot =)

Sparky Duck said...

gee, I could guess that you are a Fantasy freak :)

JohnH985 said...

I love Harry Potter and Stranger In A Strange Land.

My 13 are up.

~Kathryn~ said...

i have not read ANY Of these !!!

happy T13 - thanks for dropping by mine

Pawpads said...

I'm a huge Pratchett fan, but can't stand The Colour of Magic. How you managed it more than once is beyond me.
Happy TT though and your list is fab.

amy said...

hubby read wicked but i didnt we saw it live.. great performance..good list