Friday, February 23, 2007

The Easter Bunny

Little children - *spoiler alert* - don't read this til you are wise

What I am wondering do children reconcile all the easter baskets for sale in every store on Earth, with the Easter bunny? Do they think that on Easter eve, the Easter Bunny heads over to Target and Joann Fabrics and Kroger's and picks up everyone's Easter baskets?

At Christmas, you get presents from lots of people besides Santa Claus, so it makes sense that the stores are full of toys and presents.

Jack pretty much busted me buying Bob the Builder characters today...oh well, maybe he'll forget by Easter. I had to get them today, because the new ones came out and they have playdoh and playdoh molds for the logs and dirt and I-beams, and I wanted to get the last few old ones with the plastic magnetic stuff.

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