Thursday, June 21, 2007


i swear to god, that balloon just scared the crap out of me again! either that thing's got to go, or i'm not putting the recycling in the garage anymore. i'll just put it by the door.

btw, i've taken a whole day off to clean the house up for Jack's 3rd birthday family pizza party on Saturday. he'll be home in less than an hour. i *almost* have the house up to the point a normal person would have *before* they started cleaning. wish me luck!!


bellacolle said...

Happy birthday to you..Happybirthday to you! happy birthday dear Jaaack, happy birthday to you! :)
Boy, I know what you mean about the cleaning thing...just got done siding the house and adding duct work... I've been majorly cleaning myself lately :)

msbelle said...

Oh you sound like me! I hate to clean with a purple passion. I hear ya' about getting it clean to the point a normal person has it before they start! I'm right there with ya' girl!

Steph said...

Happy Birthday Jack!

Hehehe - me too with the cleaning!