Saturday, February 10, 2007

jack is getting old enough to fulfill his purpose

jack is finally getting old enough to fulfill the purpose for which i created fetch things for me. he just went to the kitchen and got me the "sbasscasso sauce" for my chili.

of course, james was like "what? she wants spaghetti sauce?", so i had to scream "tabasco" across the house...and he had to get it down for him...but i am confident that Jack will eventually learn to pronounce most words and grow tall enough to reach anything i need in the house.

round yellow dragon pendant necklace

I've been making more round pendants...I think they look great. I just got done listing tons of new stuff on etsy over the last couple of weeks. Today, I'm hoping husband and son are going to take off so I can make some pendants, as I'm getting low.

Then I can get back to sewing all my new placemats and tablerunners for the year. I have a lot of never seen before color combinations coming, and I'm excited for spring so I can see how my market customers like them!

This pendant has been up for a little while, but I wanted to go back and blog some of the new stuff that I missed.

Friday, February 09, 2007

a very sneaky peek

much remains hidden in this sneak peek [it's a queen size quilt], but i thought it looked really cool laid out like this.

laying out