Friday, April 06, 2007

easter at the zoo

today we went to the zoo to watch the animals open their papier mache easter eggs. naturally it was below freezing and i forgot the camera.

it was the first time Jack and I have gone to the zoo just the two of us. we ran back and forth across the zoo to see first the gibbons, langurs, colobus, and swamp monkeys, then the baby elephant, and the orangutans, find popcorn, peanuts and peanut butter in their eggs. the pictures would have been really cute. we saw all the other animals in between, too, and finished out the day by seeing the tigers open their eggs...filled with raw meat bones. first one tiger came out and started ripping open an egg, and then another tiger came out and rushed the first tiger and stole her egg. tigers are, well, kind of aggressive. it was rather exciting.

we popped into the gift shop and picked up a couple of meerkats for our growing plastic animal collection on the way out. maybe i can manage to take some pictures of them for you later. :)

Thursday, April 05, 2007


today Jack said to me: you look beautiful...

self portrait thursday

...mommy swamp monster!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Play ball

Play ball
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We went to opening day at Tiger Stadium today. We met up with our great friend Mikel at his loft in Greektown. James lived in the loft when we met, and we used to live at my house during the week and go to the loft on weekends until his lease ran out. Mikel will probably live there forever with revolving roommates. It's a great space, and there's plenty of room for things like this giant tiger.
James and Jack with our friend MIkel and a Big Tiger
We walked to the ballpark from was a beautiful spring day today.
Me, James, and Jack in front of Tiger Stadium
Jack was excited to see the mounted police and the little forklift delivering kegs to the Elwood. He spotted the Baseball Ferris Wheel from outside the park so, of course, we had to head there first.
Me and Jack on the Baseball Ferris Wheel
And here's Jack, finally enjoying the game from the top row. I don't know if they're the best seats in the place, but they are the coldest.
Just in case you weren't sure just quite how nosebleed our seats were
And aside from all the loveliness, the "men" on either side of us were spitting! saliva! on the ground! during the entire game. The next time I hear someone make a comment about nursing in public they are going to hear a lecture, as usual, but this time it's going to include some choice comments about spitting! saliva! on the ground! in public! And one of them was sitting in my! seat! while he was doing it. Thanks, no, that's okay, I'll just stand for the rest of the game, you keep the seat.

We left at the end of the ninth, and watched the Tigers lose in extra innings on tv back at the loft. I've heard they win a lot lately but we've never seen it. It was a great day either way.