Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Okay, I'm back!

But I'm too busy to write anything for you! We had a great vacation, Jack got to "drive" a pontoon boat [thanks Doug and Shelly!], we waded in the little waterfall in the park, walked along the breakwall to the lighthouse...James and Jack swam in the pool, I shopped, we ate yummy food, and spent quality time with Aunt Jenna, Gramma Rose, and Gram and Grandpa...and we only came home to a house covered in dog diarrhea 3 times. [my mil's dog].

Now I'm back home making breastfeeding pendants as fast as I can and sweating because it's Art Fair week [no, I'm not in Art Fair, just at market during Art Fair :) ] and I have no Leaves Queen quilts! And I'm low on several categories of patchwork! To work, to work...