Saturday, October 18, 2008


double cheeseburger

Tonight Red Robin made up for all those years of coming home from various restaurants with carry out to find that something. was. missing. Mixed in with our full slab of ribs and chicken fingers kiddy meal was an order of chicken fajitas and a double cheeseburger. Score. I've never had a double cheeseburger. I took this as a sign. Verdict: delicious. The ribs will be just as good heated up tomorrow as leftovers.

I do feel curiously guilty, even though 1)James is the one who picked up the food 2)he didn't grab an extra bag, the food was all mixed in with our food 3)it's not like we could drive back to the restaurant and give the food to it's rightful orderers. I did feel bad for them as I laughed gleefully and chowed down their dinner...

My neighbors on Wednesday

John Roos of Roos Roast is inspiring me to revive my blog. I thought I'd start by posting some pictures of my neighbors at Ann Arbor Farmer's Market last Wednesday (Oct. 15). Yes yes, I was there today, too, but hey, I'm a little behind. :P

Coleman Jewett, the "Mayor of the Market", on the right. Community High School in the background.
Coleman Jewett

Gardenworks, organic produce, with some beautiful beets, potatoes, and greens




Zingerman's Creamery
Zingerman's Creamery

and Roos Roast - too bad for you you can't smell the coffee, too, it's divine!
John's own artwork graces the bags.
John Roos, Roos Roast

Local, it's the new organic!

Karate Kid

Karate Kid

On our way to karate class...

Jack is super excited to start karate, at Keith Hafner's. He's had his first few private lessons from Master Terry...after his 2nd lesson he told me, "I love Master Terry." :)

He has the smallest size suit, it goes to 48 inches and 70 pounds, Jack is 44 inches and 37 pounds. It's quite wide on him, very cute.

He earned his headband and white belt, and after a couple more private lessons he will be ready to start going to the group classes with the other kids.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goldfinch Pendant Necklace - Featured artist Victoria Fox on Etsy

I've had these pendants out at market since last summer but this is their first time making into one of my Etsy shops. I decided to put them into our collective shop, because they are a collaboration between me and Victoria Fox.

I've always loved Vicky's paintings, but when I was working with the images in photoshop I became more and more impressed with her work. I became really aware of all the details, and the brushstrokes. I really fell in love with all of them. I think they are just perfect pendant subjects, and I'm so glad she agreed to let me use them. The colors go great with my patchwork, too. ;)